Health Services at McAuliffe

Your student’s health is the top priority of health services. Your assistance with the following health policies is appreciated and will help keep our students safe and healthy.

Illness:  To protect your child and to prevent illness from spreading, keep your child home if any of these symptoms are present:

*Diarrhea or vomiting                                             

*Temperature of 100.0 degrees or above

*Severe sore throat, headache, or cough           

*Undiagnosed rash or skin lesions

*Red or discharging eyes

*Students should be free of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea (without medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. Children diagnosed by a physician with influenza must be kept home for 5 days following onset of illness.

Communicable Disease:  Keep your child home and notify the school immediately so precautionary measures may be taken for those exposed.  Students diagnosed with Strep Throat or Pink Eye should be on medication 24 hours before returning to school.

Absence:   Call the school office before 8:30 AM to report an absence or late arrival.  An answering machine (913-993-3588) is available for evening and early morning calls.  If ill, please list symptoms.

Emergency numbers:  Keep the school informed of any change in emergency information so you can be reached in case of illness, injury or emergency. Updates may be made on Skyward, or by contacting the school office. Please note: we will use the “primary number” in Skyward as the first number to contact you.

Injury:  Students wearing a compression bandage (ACE wrap), splint, sling, brace, cast, crutches, sutures, or with any incapacitating injury should bring a note from the physician or emergency room detailing the injury treated, follow up care, and any activity restrictions at school.

Food Allergies/Intolerances: Please visit SMSD Health Services website or contact the nurse’s office for the required paperwork, including prescription medication form(s), meal modification form and medical action plan.

Vaccinations: Students must have documentation on file with the school nurse showing compliance with all state required vaccines. Vaccination records printed on physician letterhead is preferred. As an alternative, the Kansas Certificate of Immunizations (KCI) form may be completed with a provider signature to prove vaccine compliance. The first shot of the six required vaccine series must be documented prior to school entry. Subsequent documentation of the completion of the series must be provided to the school nurse within 60 days.

Physical Exam: Kansas State law requires all children 8 years and younger have written proof of a physical examination. The exam must be done within 12 months prior to school enrollment or within 90 days after school enrollment. Kindergarten round up is the first day of enrollment. If physical is not complete within 90 days, student will be excluded from school according to state law.

Medication:  The nurse office is stocked with basic over-the-counter medications. These may only be given with documented parent permission. This form is now part of online enrollment. Students may not keep medicine, including cough drops, in desks, backpacks or pockets per district policy.  All personal over-the-counter and prescription medication should be brought directly to the nurse and must be accompanied by a signed and dated note from a parent. All medications must be in the original packaging or container. Prescription medications must be in original containers with the issuing pharmacy label attached.

Party Food/Treats: Please note that birthdays are celebrated with NON-FOOD items, games and activities. Please see the “Heathy Classroom” letter for more information. Halloween/Winter Break and Valentines parties may include fresh fruits and vegetables, if party organizers wish. Please refrain from any dips, fillings or coatings in order to avoid food allergens.


Please feel free to contact the nurse with questions or concerns. Your calls and emails are welcomed at any time. Your child’s health and well-being at school are our top priority and we value your input and support.


School Nurse:

Kristen Vandeloo, RN

Phone: 913-993-3502

Fax: 913-993-1442

Christa McAuliffe Health Services participates in the “Giving the Basics” program. If you need assistance with personal hygiene items like soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. that are not covered by government assistance programs, please contact Jill Freisberg. If you wish to support this organization, please visit