At Christa McAuliffe we…

“Are committed to developing the well-rounded child through a positive community culture”
* Create a welcoming and caring environment within the building for all students, parents and community
* Staff open to new ideas and challenging themselves and their students to take risks

“Focus on building positive, meaningful relationships with each other, based on trust, accountability and relevant expectations”
* Hold ourselves and others accountable for high expectations
* Maintain a growth mindset and use our mistakes as learning opportunities
* Foster open communication in all situations
* Recognize talents of students, staff and community
* Appreciate, accept and encourage individuality and diversity among students and staff

“Strive to provide differentiated instruction to ALL students”
* Set goals, review and update them throughout the school year 
* Make data-driven decisions regarding instruction of children
* Open collaboration with others
* Provide appropriate accommodations 
* Provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities

“Encourage everyone in the community to strive for excellence through a growth mindset”
* Practice positive thoughts daily
* Help students and staff persevere through struggles
* Learn when and how to self advocate

Principal Michael Orr